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About Me

My name is Jeffrey and welcome to my blog.

I am in my mid-50s, living in hot and humid Singapore. A family man with one wife, two dogs and three grown up children. After spending over 20 plus years working for a multi-national corporation, I am now semi retired and doing things I did not have time for during my working years.

Travelling and seeing the world with my wife is one of my joys. Our travels were quite varied. They range from self-drive road trips to exploring the country by public transport; from hiking trips to lazing by the beach; from short weekend get-aways to weeks-long vacations.

While I have travelled almost all my life to many places all over the world, it was only a few years ago that I started this blog or journal to help me remember my travels and  vacations. 

I enjoy Do-It-Yourself travel. Planning my own itinerary, what to see, activities to do, what local cuisine to try and even which are the better hotels to stay. I find that planning my own trips made my travels much more fulfilling.

I have benefited from many useful information and tips I gathered from the internet and travel blogs. I hope fellow travellers and bloggers will find some useful information and tips from my blog too and have an enjoyable time planning your own travels and experiencing the world.


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This blog is where I share the places I have been to (I go), my experiences at these places, people I met, food I tried and things that fascinated me (I see) and memories of my travels and vacations with lots of photos (I shoot).

I hope you will enjoy reading the posts or find something useful in this blog.

I would love to hear your thoughts or feedback by email (igoiseeishoot@gmail.com) or dropping some lines into the comment boxes of the posts.

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