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Start of our Christmas break in England 2012 – a visit to Camden Market

16 December 2012

We landed in Heathrow in the morning about 7.30 AM and took the Heathrow Express train into Paddington station to meet up with Daniel who was studying in Bath. Daniel’s train was due at about 9 AM so we had some time to kill at Paddington. Now was the time to go get the Oyster cards that we would need for the next few days in London and also an opportune time to go shoot some photos.

Paddington Bear at Paddington station, London.

 Pigeon warming itself near a floor lamp in London Paddington station.

Anxious to meet Daniel, we waited by the train platform instead of the warmer lobby but it was worth it to see his train pulling into the station as scheduled.

After the hugs and greetings, we took a taxi to our hotel at Premier Inn Kensington. The London cabs were so spacious that they could accommodate 4 adults and suitcases in the passenger compartment!

It was still too early to check in to our rooms but we were able to leave our luggage in a storeroom and go explore London. London was cold in December! We took the short walk to the Earl’s Court Station. We ended up in a pub called the Courtfield to have our breakfast and watch the Club World Cup match between Chelsea and Corinthians on the live TV.  Chelsea lost.

Our plan for the day was to visit the Camden Market as the best time to visit Camden Market was on weekends. We took the subway to the Camden Town station. 

When we came out of the Camden Town tube station, we immediately notice the crowds! Then we saw the many shops along Camden High Street with eye catching and, at times, weird decor.

Camden High Street

Camden Market London

Camden Market LondonCanal lock along Camden High Street.

We saw the locks on the Regent Canal and then came to Camden Lock Market which had a mixture of interesting souvenir shops, clothes, music records and outdoor food stalls selling all kinds of international food. We regretted having a big breakfast before coming here as the food at the stalls looked yummy. 

DSC_0822International food stalls at Camden Lock Market.


DSC_0831Cheese and bread.

DSC_0827Birds hoping for scraps.

 Canal boats on the Regent Canal.


Vendors are offering food samples which tasted very nice but we have no room to eat anymore.

Steaming hot paella.


It was not just food, food, food. Other interesting sights - brollies from a souvenir store.

Crossing to the other side of Camden High Street there were more food, antiques, clothes and souvenir stalls.

DSC_0841“Scooters” stools at food stalls.

 Meals on wheels”. Sit by the river on scooter seats to have a meal.

 View of the Regent Canal while getting a bite.

  DSC_0840Zulu figurine outside the Shaka restaurant. This looked like an interesting place to have dinner.

A bronze lion statue that appeared in the middle of the crowded street.

 Interesting “egg-shaped” objects on rooftop.

One of the interesting shops we visited was the Cyberdog. Amongst other things, this shops sells T-shirts with lights that will turn on and off in tune with music played.

 Entrance to the Cyberdog.

DSC_0868Inside the Cyberdog. This guy was dancing on the balcony above.

The final part of Camden Market we visited was the Stables Market. This place used to be a horse hospital.

Stables market – used to be a horse hospital. The indoor shops were used to keep horses previously.


Statues of horses were all over and there were more shops selling clothes, food, antiques.

Some shops were selling clothes of the bygone era. We took a walk inside a shop selling old army uniforms, some as old as WW1 and even some “red-coats”.

 Shop selling vintage clothes.

 Statues of horses. The stall in the background sells sweet and savoury pancakes in many favours. Yummy!

By now, the jet lag was beginning to set in. From the Stables Market, the nearest London Underground station is the Chalk Farm Road station. Then it was back to the hotel for a nap before dinner tonight at the Gold Mine Chinese restaurant at Bayswater.

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