The White Moss Walk to Lake Grasmere


25 December 2012


After our morning walk at Borrans Park, we went back to our hotel to take our car and drove a few miles towards Grasmere.

The short and easy White Moss Walk starts from the car park off the main A591 road between Ambleside and Grasmere and leads to shore of Lake Grasmere. The weather is just perfect for a morning walk and also perfect for photographers.


White Moss Walk at the Lake District England
On the White Moss Walk trail to Lake Grasmere
White Moss Walk at the Lake District England
Moss on the tree, definitely not white
Lake Grasmere
After a easy short walk through the wooded area, we reach a gate in a stone wall at the back edge of the wood. River Rothay is the background. Going through the gates, we are in Penny Rock Woods
Lake District England
Up and down Penny Rock Woods and crossing a small bridge, we are on the shores of Lake Grasmere. First look at Lake Grasmere and out comes the camera phones
Lake District England
Weir where water from the lake drains down into the river that we saw along the trail

Low clouds drifting slowly on top of the lake adds to the charming view of the lake in winter.


Lake District England
Panorama of the lake
Lake District England
Some family photos
Lake District England
Lake District England
This is how far up I went to shoot the panorama of Lake Grasmere. The actual White Moss Walk trail will lead walkers up to the top. I bet the view will be fantastic but I am in no shape to get up further.


Lake Grasmere, Lake District England
  Feeling the icy cold waters of the lake

A footpath continues round the lake but we have a Christmas lunch lined up back at the hotel at 12:45 PM. So we did not have time to go round the lake. Instead, the boys spent some time playing with the water…crazy idea to see who can put their hands into the icy cold water and keep it in there longer.


After the walk, we returned to Ambleside to relax by the pier while waiting for the Waterhead Hotel to serve the traditional traditional six course Christmas Day lunch.  

Party hats and more Christmas crackers. Quite fun to see some of the older local folks clowning around with their plastic Christmas rattles, balloons and whistles during breakfast. All in good fun and high spirits.
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