Hiking Seoraksan in Autumn – Trail to Yukdam Waterfall and Biryong Waterfall


12 November 2014 – Day 5

This was our last day for hiking at the Seoraksan National park and we planned to do a relatively easy trail to the Biryong Waterfall in the morning, followed by a visit to Sokcho town in the afternoon.

From our breakfast table in the Kensington Stars Hotel, we can see that the weather was quite different from the past 2 days. Although it was a bright sunny day outside but strong gust of winds were blowing and the Seoraksan Cable Car was not in operation.

Once again, we took about 5 minutes to walk from the hotel to the entrance of the park. This time, we could see a lot of leaves raining down from above and swirling on the ground as we approached the park. I was glad we had done the Geumganggul Cave trail and taken the Cable Car up to Gwongeumseong walking course already in the past two days.

The start of the trail to the Biryong Waterfall is near the Cable Car Station. There was some construction taking place that area and we need to walk through the construction area to get to the trail head which is a stone bridge ( Biryonggyo Bridge) across a dry up riverbed.

Seoraksan National Park hike
Biryonggyo Bridge at the start of the trail to Biryong Waterfall. Ulsanbawi Rock can be seen in the background


We crossed the bridge and started  our 2.3 km walk to the Biryong Waterfall. A nice view of Ulsanbawi could be seen from across the bridge. The initial part of the trail is quite flat and level along the banks of the river. Although the wind was quite gusty, we were walking on the lee-ward side of the mountain and not really affected by the strong wind blowing above us.

Seoraksan National Park hike

Turning right and going uphill, we soon came to a rest area with stalls selling food. A cheery Ahjumma came to ask us if we were interested in the pajeon or vegetable she was cooking. We declined but told her we would be back later, on our way out.

Stalls along the Biryong Trail

The trees seems to be more bare on this trail.  We met groups of hikers. We can tell who are the Koreans and who are the visitors by their hiking gear.

Gentle uphill trail leading to the first waterfall.
Wooden bridge that we need to cross.
Rocky and slippery path next to the stream. The waterfall is just up ahead,
First waterfall on this trail. 

We soon came to a small waterfall.It was quite small and not impressive. The path continued uphill with the waterfall on our right. Lots of fallen leaves floating and swirling around in the stream below.

We then came to the next waterfall. There was a resting platform and also a suspension bridge where we could view the waterfall.

Suspension Bridge along the Biryong Fall Trail.
On the suspension bridge looking back
Falls as seen from the suspension bridge

We crossed the bridge and continued up a flight of metal trail to the top of the waterfall. The trail continues on a flat path hugging the stream till we came to a small bridge. That was when we decided to turned back as we had enough of the waterfalls and walks.

Stairs leading to the top of the waterfall
Leaves waiting for their turn to glide down the chute at the top of the falls


On the way back, we stopped at the food stall for a tea break. We decided not to have the pajeon but ordered a simple “dried pollack hangover soup” dish or HaeJangGuk. Perfect stuff after a nice walk on a windy autumn morning.

Simple “dried pollack hangover soup” dish or HaeJangGuk.


After our simple meal, we made our way back to Sowongon area.  This was when I encountered very strong gusts of wind and was really glad we did all our walks on the past 2 days with perfect weather conditions.

Here is a video of the strong wind that day.

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