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Gyeongju-Busan-Seoul Day 10 – last day

12 May 2012 

As our flight home was in the evening, we did some last minute shopping at Myeongdong and Lotte Departmental Store near the Metro Hotel.

We had lunch at one of the Korean restaurants located in the upper floors within the Lotte Department Store. It was an interesting hotpot meal with food cooked at our table.

 What it looked like before cooking.

 Cooking in progress.

After lunch, it was time to check-out and head for the airport. There are many ways to get to the Incheon International Airport from Seoul. We had taken the AREX (Ariport Express) from the airport to Seoul Station when we arrived. This time round, the most convenient transport for us from our hotel (Metro Hotel) in Myeongdong area to the airport is via the Airport Limousine Bus.  There are a few bus operators.

We took the #6015 bus from the bus stop along the Namdaemun-ro, outside the Ibis Myeongdong Hotel. Fare was 10,000 KRW per person and the journey took about 80 to 90 minutes.

Alternatively, we could have taken the KAL Limousine bus from the Lotte Hotel across the road but that would mean more lugging of luggage up and down the underpass. The journey is about 90 minutes and would be more expensive at 15,000 KWR per person.

Seoul Incheon Airport is nice and offers some good last minute shopping too. There were also some cultural entertainment too.

Incheon AirportThis looked like a traditional wedding procession – staged for tourists at the Incheon Airport.

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