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Gyeongju-Busan-Seoul – Taking the Busan City Tour bus

8 May 2012 

The plan for Day 6 of our vacation was to explore the attractions in the city of Busan. Busan is a large city and we had to pick which were the places of interest to visit in one day.

The places planned for this day were the following:

1. Taejongdae Resort Park.  Taejongae is a peninsula and there are several places of interest to visit in the park.

The above picture is the Red and Blue artwork called “Light Beyond Limitation” at the Taejongdae lighthouse.

2. Lunch at Jagalchi Fish Market. Including a visit to the harbour docks and watch the fishing boats being unloaded

3. BIFF Square and Shopping around the Namp'o-dong area.

We decided to book the Busan City Tour as a convenient means of transport. There are various tour routes and the Tanjongdae Tour route  (**See note below **) was the most suitable one for us.

This is a hop-on hop-off service that would bring us to above places that we wanted to visit. The departure point is near the Busan Metro Station, a few stops away from our hotel along the Line Busan Metro or Subway system.

The Tanjongdae Tour route will cover the following stops:

  • Busan Station
  • Passenger Ferry Terminal
  • 75 Square
  • Taejongdae
  • Internation Cruise Terminal
  • Namhang Bridge
  • Songdo Beach
  • BIFF Square/Jagalchi Market
  • Busan Station

** Note: the bus routes would be subject to change by the city tour bus operator. It is best to check the latest schedule, prices and itinerary here.

Tip: For larger groups or family, a one day tour by private van, with English speaking guide could be an option.

The cost was 10,000 KRW per person and we bought the tickets direct from the bus driver when we board the bus although it could also be bought online with a slight discount. We were given a brochure showing the arrival timings at each stop. The frequency of the bus is every 30 minutes.

We could use the other tour courses with the same one-day pass for a day without any additional charges. So, if time permits, one can potentially squeeze in a visit to one or two places on the other routes.


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